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PS3 Trophies v0.5 Beta

Added Games List
Added option to download images on 3G (default false)

* Game List and Images may take some time to load

TODO:  Trophy List
               Improve Performance


29/12/2009 - Posted by | Android, Change Log, PS3 | , , ,


  1. Great app… still young and beta, but looks promising. I hope to see more features soon. BTW : game list seems incomplete, it only shows a few of them.

    Comment by thegrau | 30/12/2009 | Reply

  2. Yeah good work man, keep it up. App looks really promising. Only one slight problem at the moment; the app keeps crashing with forced close message.

    Comment by bash | 30/12/2009 | Reply

    • Thanks!!
      Next update i will fix the crashing.
      It’s related to the interface being too complex 😀

      Comment by benexus | 30/12/2009 | Reply

  3. Sorry forgot to mention that it only crashes when selecting the “games” tab.

    Comment by bash | 30/12/2009 | Reply

  4. Crash on my Android Motorola Dext Cliq :-/

    Comment by Cyr1us | 31/12/2009 | Reply

    • Hope the new version works on your phone!

      Comment by benexus | 05/01/2010 | Reply

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