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PS3 Trophies v1.2

Hi everybody!!
v1.2 is out and with lots of news
 •When viewing the friend list, tap on you friend to see his games
 •When viewing a friend’s games, tap on a game to see its trophies
 •Images downloaded on wifi will show even if you are on 3G (from the SD Card)
 •Localization. PS3 Trophies now supports English and Spanish languages
 •Some minor fixing on app and back end.

If you want to collaborate with localization, please leave a comment here.
If you find any errors, or bugs or want some new functionality leave a comment. I will try to fix it/add it for the next update.
FAQ page is online, please read it carefully.

Screenshot will be up soon.

UPDATE 1: One old bug return, I will  fix it ASAP
UPDATE 2: v1.21 uploaded. I hope it fixes many crashes.
                       If you still have problems with this version, please post a comment with your OS version an PSN Id.


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  1. Like the app but I’m still not able to select the friends tab on v1.21. Am I missing something?

    Comment by jeremy | 04/01/2010 | Reply

    • Jeremy, you have to go to settings and enter your email and password for PSN, also you have to check “Use Login Information”
      Remember that you have to log at least one on

      Comment by benexus | 05/01/2010 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the reply, I can log in and it works fine for a while and then when I go to check it again I get log in errors. I’ll try what you suggest, thanks again.

    Comment by Jeremy | 05/01/2010 | Reply

  3. Sometimes the session expired, thats why you get this errors. I have to check that and login again in background.

    Comment by benexus | 05/01/2010 | Reply

  4. Thanks for the clarification. I did write up a brief little post about your application over at along with market links and a link to you site. Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Jeremy | 05/01/2010 | Reply

  5. Thank you very much!!! I really appreciate this. If you need some images, you can take it from the screenshot page.

    Comment by benexus | 05/01/2010 | Reply

  6. Already did. 🙂

    Comment by Jeremy | 05/01/2010 | Reply

  7. Will be posted within the next few days for sure.

    Comment by Jeremy | 05/01/2010 | Reply

  8. cant find ps3 trophies app on my droid market place, has it been removed?

    Comment by charles | 13/03/2010 | Reply

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