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About Friends List

Hi everyone.

After receiving many mails and seeing some comments I think I have to explain a couple of things.

1.This app work with any account, no matter what country you are. Just make sure to login at least once at . Thats where I get all the information. (I’m not able to login on US site, and US doesn’t have all the trophies info like rock band beatles, gow, and a couple more)

2.To use friend list, go to “Settings” and enter your PSN information. Make sure you check “Use Login Information”
Then go to Menu- “Refresh”, once logged, friend button will be available to use.

3.SMS just send SMS, It not sends messages to PSN accounts. To use this function you hav to long tap on a friend, choose “Link Contact” and pick a contact from your address book. After that send SMS will be enabled.

Please, leave a comment on this post if you have any question or trouble getting this app to work.



18/01/2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Thanks, works fine now! However “Compare with this friend” seems to do nothing? That would be really nice to have working!

    Comment by Rob | 29/01/2010 | Reply

    • I had a bussy week at work and developing a widget. Right buttons (compare friend and trophies) do nothing, but nexts updates will include that (its only a interface isue right now)

      Try the widget, its not 100% finished, but it works.


      Comment by benexus | 29/01/2010 | Reply

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