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I’m back. Announcing PS3 Widget

Well, tough week

I started to develop a widget for Android that show profile information, games and trophies. This widget will launch ps3trophies from within and like that app, is free too.

I will be launching a PS3 Widget Pro version ($ 0.99) where you’ll have the posibility of upload a XML file defining you own template, and you’ll be allowed to use your custom backgrounds.  This version will launch PS3 Trophies too.

Right now all the information is pulled from EU site. I’m trying to find a way to get this info from US site.  I still find the EU site more complete (like I said before, games like GOW, RB Beatles, some trophies, etc)

Please, feel free to post if you have any advice, issue, or comment about this applications.



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  1. does this ps3 widget work in conjunction with the ps3 trophies app or is it basically the same as the other app but with more features?

    Comment by gslimjim98 | 26/06/2010 | Reply

  2. Hi Theres are currently 5 app on the market
    PS3 Widget (shows a trophy card on your home Screen)
    PSN Friends Widget Lite (shows your friends on your home screen)
    PS3 Trophies (your already know that)
    PSN Friends Widget PRO (same as Lite but with Notifications)
    PS3 Trophies PRO (same as FREE but you can compare yourself with your friends, and it also include a trophy card (widget) and PSN Friends Widget PRO)

    Hope this helps


    Comment by benexus | 26/06/2010 | Reply

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