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Back Online

PS3 Trophies & PSN Friends is back online

I had hosting problems all week, so I tooked PS3 Offline.

I spent all my free time trying so solve this issue. So I migrated practically all server code (C#) to the phone (JAVA), so the app does not depend on the server to work properlly.

Now it connects directly to Sony’s Servers (EU site). US users CAN use this app with their accounts. It’s not mandatory to login on EU site for this app to work (If you still have problems, please report it here).

Sometimes EU site is under maintenaince (more than US site), so, if you got error like “Can´t connect”, or “Can´t get games/friends”, please be sure to check before posting.

It was hard for me to read all the bad comments on the android market. Please people, I don’t have all the time I want to develop for android, and I’m not making any money (I’m loosing money because the hosting service)

I want to thanks to all the people that sent me email asking to beta test, and helping me back this app online.

So, from now on, please post here if you have any problem. Don’t fill the market with bad ratings.



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  1. When will be back online?

    Comment by Paul | 13/03/2010 | Reply

  2. Hi paul, you can check



    Comment by benexus | 19/03/2010 | Reply

  3. Doesn’t seem to be working using GET method.

    Comment by Paul | 19/03/2010 | Reply

  4. I eventually will. I need to read about Open Source Licenses and clear and commnent the code.

    Comment by benexus | 19/03/2010 | Reply

    • I look forward to the source release! Keep up the Excellent work.

      Comment by Paul | 19/03/2010 | Reply

  5. Looks like your script is down again?

    Comment by Paul | 21/03/2010 | Reply

    • It seems to work via the browser but I have a script that uses CURL to access that page and it always times out, any idea why?

      Comment by Paul | 21/03/2010 | Reply

  6. I’m getting force close still. I think its trying to pull from your server. Any suggestions?

    Comment by Kerry | 21/03/2010 | Reply

    • There was a problem with preview DNS; now the domain is online.
      Can you try it again?
      There is a small update with the new domain on the market

      Comment by benexus | 21/03/2010 | Reply

  7. i didn’t think an app to view ps3 trophies existed but thanks for making me feel stupid lol j/k but anyways my real question is i read that i could message my friends who are on their ps3 from the phone. is this true or did u mean i message them by basically texting thier phone?

    Comment by gslimjim98 | 26/06/2010 | Reply

    • Hi!!!Lol
      Messages was a feature to send SMS to PS3 friends that you already have on your contact list. (phone to phone)
      It was removed a couple of versions ago.


      Comment by benexus | 26/06/2010 | Reply

    • i think i found my answer already but if any would like to explain the answer to me please do ^_^

      Comment by gslimjim98 | 26/06/2010 | Reply

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