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PS3 Trophies PRO v3.0 Released

PS3 Trophies PRO in depth

This app includes a lot of features that will keep you hooked all day

  • Your Profile, including avatar, level, progress, trophies, lastest played games and lastest trophies earned.
  • All your games with your trophies earned
  • Main screen will show you how many friends are online.
  • Full Game List (including foreing games). Most games have guides (from and more are added every day.
  • Friend list with full information, just like XMB of your PS3
  • Friend Profile, including avatar, level, progress, trophies, lastest played games and lastest trophies earned. All games and trophies earned
  • Events. Configure Game Events to play with friend or any other user.
  • Rankings. Based on every user of the app and friends. There are more than 300.000 users!!!
  • Wall. Post & Read short messages, send & receive private messages (this is only with users of the app, there is no way to send messages to online users (PS3) )
  • GiveAway. I will post PSN Codes so you can redeem it to win games, add-on or avatars. Codes are valid for ONE time use.
  • 3 Friends Widget (2×4, 2×2 and 1×1). 1×1 widget shows your avatar and how many friends are online. 2×2 and 2×4 shows a list of friends online.
  • Trophy Card Widget. (2×2 and 4×4). Both widgets shows your lastest games and trophies, profile info. There are a lot of backgrounds and more are coming!!

 After installing the app, open it and TAP the Menu from your Phone, go to Settings.

Enter your User ID (this is your PSN username, not your email), then make sure “Use Login Information” is checked and enter your email & password (this is mandatory if you want to see your friend list)

Credentials are stored on a private are of your phone, only accessible by this app, and are only transmited to SONY using HTTPS (secure socket).I will not  in any way get your email or password.

Configure how many games do you want to see in the main screen (3, 5, 7, 9).
Date Format: Choose the format you want the dates to appear.
Use Friend Color:  check this to show your friend with the color the choosed in their PS3.
Show all Games: uncheck this to hide games with no trophies earned.
Show Hidden Trophies: check this to see picture, title and description of hidden trophies instead of  ‘???’.
Update every 24hs.: this will update all your games and trophies every day, so you can navigate your games & trophies offline. Also it shows the last time the process run.
Clear Cache: will erase all info about every user, game or trophy downloaded, including Trophy Guides, Wall, Feedback.
Clear Wall: will erase all messages from the wall (including private). Messages will be downloaded next time you access Wall.
Clear Credentials: will erase ticket information needed to download friend list. Use this option if you have problems seeing friends. This will not erase email/password, just the ticket provided by SONY the last time the app logged you in.
Twitter: Authorize the app to post the number of trophies earned. The app will connect every day to check for new trophies and will post a tweet using your account. The app uses OAuth so the credentials are never stored on the phone.
Friends Widget: This will allow you to configure the Friend Widget. Do not configure it right now, we will talk about this later.

Main Screen: 

  • Profile Information
  • Access to Friends, Games, Wall, Games Guides
  • Lastest Games & Trophies
  • You can search users, just TAP Search button of your phone

Games Screen:

  • Game Progress information
  • Access to trophies
  • You can sort the list by date played, title or progress

Trophies Screen:

  • Trophies earned information
  • You can sort the list by date earned, title or XMB

Games Guides Screen:

  • Full list of Games
  • Acces to Guides (green title) or Trophies (white)
  • You can search games, just TAP Search button of your phone

Friends Screen:

  • Friend status information
  • Access to friend’s profile
  • You can search friend,  just TAP Search button of your phone
  • You can sort the list by status, alphabetical or level

User Profile Screen:

  • Profile Information
  • Access to Games
  • You can search users, just TAP Search button of your phone

Wall Screen:

  • Post, Reply & Read messages.
  • See users profile
  • Access to Private Messages

Feedback Screen:

  • Send some feedback
  • I will post important news here

Ranking Screen:

  • Full ranking of all users on the DB (near 300.000)
  • See your total ranking or friend ranking
  • Search for users or position

Events Screen:

  • Create Events to Play with other users
  • Register to events posted by others
  • See users profile

Trophy Card Widget:

  • Coming Soon

Friends Widgets:

  • Coming Soon

Search Users:

  • Coming Soon

I will post images and complete this post soon

Enjoy the APP


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  1. This widget is AAMAZING! It is a must hav for any PS3 player

    Comment by zalooolssdd | 14/01/2011 | Reply

  2. The app isn’t available in the market since a few days? Why?

    Comment by chrisonline | 13/03/2011 | Reply

  3. Hi. Just saw this app in the market. I was wondering about something thats listed in the “news” section. It says you can upgrade to PRO for on $.99, but then when you click on buy it takes you to the PRO page where the price is $1.49. Im just confused why different prices are listed. Im very interested in this app as a big PS3 player, and look forward to trying out this app when PSN is back up and running. I will support by buying the PRO verison but just thought it was weird being told one price and then its another price.

    Thanks for your time. Above in the name section is my PSN name if you would like to reach me on the PS3.

    Comment by mixedkidbx | 21/04/2011 | Reply

    • Hi!
      Yes, you are right

      I updated the PRO app with new features, so I raised the prioce to 1.49, but didnt have the time to update the FREE version with the new price

      Sorry about this


      Comment by benexus | 21/04/2011 | Reply

  4. I recently bought a new phone, and I purchased this app on my old phone, is there a way I can get the pro version again without having to purchase the app again?

    Comment by Tylerdale | 21/07/2011 | Reply

    • If you downloaded the PRO version, you can download the same version using your same gmail account without having to pay for it

      If you downloaded the LITE version and upgraded to pro, you need to download de same LITE version and it will detect the UPGRADE


      Comment by benexus | 02/09/2011 | Reply


    Comment by CLINT M | 06/08/2011 | Reply

    • It should show all trophies by now. I just updated the DB


      Comment by benexus | 02/09/2011 | Reply

  6. When i check the login button and put my right email and correct password, im still unable to login. Ive tried a dozen times and nothing.

    Comment by desolatesoul- | 07/08/2011 | Reply

  7. You guys need to fix this app so that it works on the Acer a500 Tab with Honeycomb(Android). Overall a good app but the main home screen its cutoff, so only half shows.

    Comment by rey | 16/08/2011 | Reply

  8. Cant update my trophies. Even uninstalling and reinstalling, my game trophies havent updated in over a week. I gained atleast a dozen trophies since 8/17/11 (that was the last time this app updated correctly.)

    Comment by Dale729 | 25/08/2011 | Reply

    • Delete the PS3TrophiesPRO folder from the SDCARd and resintall the app.
      Make sure you sync your ps3


      Comment by benexus | 02/09/2011 | Reply

  9. Hi i got this app a couple months ago, and no matter what ive tried it wont allow me to authenticate when do my user login email and password. However it will let me see my trophies when i opt to use the uaername option. If you can help me with this id appreciate it.

    Comment by desolatesoul- | 10/09/2011 | Reply

  10. Any chance you could put your app on the Amazon app store? I really enjoy the free version and I would upgrade if I could pay using Amazon. Thanks!

    Comment by Josh | 02/01/2012 | Reply

  11. Hey BeNeXuS,
    Question for you, I got a Kindle Fire and it has apps from the amazon market which most of the I have both on my phone and on it but I was wondering/hoping that you would be able to put the PS3 Trophies Pro app on it as well. Please let me know.


    Comment by BigDaddyKong76 | 23/01/2012 | Reply

    • I will publish on amazon soon


      Comment by benexus | 12/03/2012 | Reply

  12. Problem solved.. Thanks for all the customer support.

    Comment by Buckallmighty | 31/01/2012 | Reply

  13. I upgraded to pro and then had to restore my phone and now have the light version back. I clicked check purchase and it still doesnt work. How do I get it back again?

    Comment by greg | 13/02/2012 | Reply

    • If you bought PRO you should download the PRO version for FREE
      If you upgraded from LITE to PRO you should download the LITE version and it will detect the UPDATE


      Comment by benexus | 12/03/2012 | Reply

  14. Hi, I have issues with the trophies the app says I have unlocked on Rayman Origins on PS Vita and the ones I know I have achieved. It seems to be out of sync by 1 trophy in list? In other words it shows that I have unlocked a trophy but I know its the next one down in the list. Can you help?

    Comment by Robert Hillier | 01/03/2012 | Reply

    • It should be fixed by now
      If you still have issues go to the settings of the app and look for the option to clear the cache


      Comment by benexus | 12/03/2012 | Reply

  15. Dude I paid for this app the pro HD version for tablets but my profile never loads although it
    Authenticates is psn. Help please. thanks.

    Comment by Rey | 09/10/2013 | Reply

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