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PS3 Trophies for Android UPDATE to 4.0

PS3 Trophies had a revamped update this week.

All features of the app are easily accessible from the main screen.

Transitions are smooth and graphics looks sharper and brilliant.

Also this version includes support (in development) for vita games
Main Screen shows your  profile and access to most common features
(friends, games, guides, chat, blog, events, profile, ranking and favorites)

To the left of the main screen you can find
Friends, Favorites, Ranking, Search and finally Help/News
To the right of the main screen you can find
Games, Guides, Profile, Events and finally Blogs

Every Icon on the upper left of the screen will display a menu, and some will react to long taps

When looking at games the upper right icon has two functions, tapping will open the sort filter, and long tapping will open the game type filter (Vita / PS3)
If you tap on a game you will get a new screen with all trophies earned
To the left you can see others users with the same game, and to the right you can see users reviews, then guides, then YouTube videos

When looking at friends, tapping a friend will open a new screen with the user profile and all the games he has
To the left there is the App Profile of that user, and to the right you can compare games between the users

Blogs now include Official US Playstation Blog, Official EU Playstation Blog, Official BR Playstation Blog and Official LATAM Playstation Blog.

There is a new Lock Screen option to have your profile and friends online on your phone screen even when the phone is locked.

I will write a Help Page soon, explaining all options of the application

Go download it now
FREE Version
PRO Version

Here are some pictures of the new UI


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  1. First great update! Thanks! Looks pretty good!

    The twitter integration does not work.
    If i hit “Twitter” it opens the browser and i log in to my twitter account and click on “authorize”, but afterwards i see:
    Website not available ps3oauthtwitter://twitt?oauth_token=xxxxxx !

    Comment by chrisonlinenline | 08/03/2012 | Reply

    • Hi, thanks!!
      It should work, but I will take a look into that


      Comment by benexus | 12/03/2012 | Reply

  2. How do u refresh your friendslist?

    Comment by jimmy | 08/03/2012 | Reply

    • You can refresh it manually using the Refresh link at the bottom right
      Or you can go to Settings, Friends, and set the autorefresh to any time you want


      Comment by benexus | 12/03/2012 | Reply

  3. And what happened to the trophy guide? I know it’d only open your browser with google, but it saves some steps. That’s one thing i’ll miss.

    Comment by Christian | 12/03/2012 | Reply

  4. Hi, first wanna say great update. Really love it!
    Second i have two questions / issue.
    1: how do i refresh the trophies so that my new earned are vissible and be posted on twitter and facebook?
    2: if i want to do the login for facebook it shows the facebook popup and closes it automatically and not login.

    Comment by SS2Pascal | 13/03/2012 | Reply

    • It should be fixed by now!

      Comment by benexus | 19/03/2012 | Reply

  5. Hi, i’m sad that my first reply didn’t made it here a couple of days ago.

    But there are 2 things that don’t work.

    1: Facebook login doesn’t work. If i say login it opens the popup to facebook and a second later closes again without me logging in.

    2: new earned trophies don’t get tweeted anymore on twitter.

    2: new earned trophies don’t get tweeted anymore

    Comment by SS2Pascal | 15/03/2012 | Reply

    • Hope you can fix those 2 things for this great app. Thnx

      Comment by SS2Pascal | 15/03/2012 | Reply

      • Fixed!!!

        Comment by benexus | 19/03/2012

  6. Your app is absolutely amazing. The best I have ever seen. In fact, your app works better than Sony’s website! My only question is, is it possible to have an option to exclude DLC trophies from the overall percentage. I and a lot of my friends don’t bother with DLC especially multiplayer stuff and as a result, no 100% next to a lot of games. Keep up the great work! New layout looks great.

    Comment by Chrys A | 19/03/2012 | Reply

    • Thanks
      Ill try to find a way, but right now, I dont know how to filter DLC trophies


      Comment by benexus | 19/03/2012 | Reply

      • Thanks for responding. Good to know someone cares what their customers say. Keep up the good work.

        Comment by Chrys A | 30/03/2012

  7. When is it coming to Amazon Marketplace? I will upgrade to the pro version when it is available.
    Thanks for the wonderful program!

    Comment by Josh | 28/03/2012 | Reply

    • Any updates about Amazon?

      Comment by Josh | 31/05/2012 | Reply

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