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PS3 Trophies LITE is my first application on the Android Platform. I started working on it as soon as I got my Droid. The app will provide with your profile information, games list and trophies. There will be a friend list so you can check your friends status, wich game they are playing, and view their trophies. I will be updating the app everytime I have something new to show you.

The app is free and will remain the same,  but if you like it, feel free to donate.




  1. hello, i got a mytouch from tmobile and i dled ur free app, and i get an error and it says “please go to setting and end ur psn id” and i dont know where to find it on my phone please help. thank you

    Comment by scott | 04/02/2010 | Reply

    • Hi scott.
      If you downloaded PS3 Trophies, on app main screen, tap your phone menu key and go to Settings, then enter your PSN Information (email & password).
      If you downloaded PS3 Widget, tap the widget, then Setting and enter you user ID (not email)

      Thanks for downloading my app.

      Comment by benexus | 04/02/2010 | Reply

  2. Hello, you did a really, really great job! I wish I can do as good as you one day! 🙂

    Comment by Alex | 13/02/2010 | Reply

  3. Hello are u gona add muti to like kills and deaths and stuff?

    Comment by Robert | 13/03/2010 | Reply

    • Hi Robert, didn’t understand your question.
      If you mean statistics like Uncharted 2 (kills, deaths, weapons, characters, etc), thats a posibilty, but not anytime soon.
      I have fo finish som other stuff and then add new features.

      Comment by benexus | 13/03/2010 | Reply

  4. How come friends don’t show up

    Comment by chris | 17/03/2010 | Reply

    • You have to use your email & password to see your friends.

      Comment by benexus | 19/03/2010 | Reply

  5. I cant stress how important each trophy is, add a trophy help section or let them click on the trophy to search on youtube/google. The events page is brillant!! Try make people more active on it, have personal messages going between members, this could be the best ps3 app out on anu device!!!

    Comment by Nayan | 22/03/2012 | Reply

    • When looking at the game trophies you can swipe right to the guides and videos sections.
      Also, using the wall you can send private messages to other users of this app (iOS or Android)


      Comment by benexus | 22/03/2012 | Reply

  6. Been an avid user of the ps3 trophy app for Android since switching from the iPhone. Unfortunately the friends list doesn’t update and constantly crashes. It says my friends haven’t logged onto for 9 months when I know they have.

    Comment by Jon | 04/02/2015 | Reply

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