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PS3 Trophies for Android UPDATE to 4.0

PS3 Trophies had a revamped update this week.

All features of the app are easily accessible from the main screen.

Transitions are smooth and graphics looks sharper and brilliant.

Also this version includes support (in development) for vita games
Main Screen shows your  profile and access to most common features
(friends, games, guides, chat, blog, events, profile, ranking and favorites)

To the left of the main screen you can find
Friends, Favorites, Ranking, Search and finally Help/News
To the right of the main screen you can find
Games, Guides, Profile, Events and finally Blogs

Every Icon on the upper left of the screen will display a menu, and some will react to long taps

When looking at games the upper right icon has two functions, tapping will open the sort filter, and long tapping will open the game type filter (Vita / PS3)
If you tap on a game you will get a new screen with all trophies earned
To the left you can see others users with the same game, and to the right you can see users reviews, then guides, then YouTube videos

When looking at friends, tapping a friend will open a new screen with the user profile and all the games he has
To the left there is the App Profile of that user, and to the right you can compare games between the users

Blogs now include Official US Playstation Blog, Official EU Playstation Blog, Official BR Playstation Blog and Official LATAM Playstation Blog.

There is a new Lock Screen option to have your profile and friends online on your phone screen even when the phone is locked.

I will write a Help Page soon, explaining all options of the application

Go download it now
FREE Version
PRO Version

Here are some pictures of the new UI


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Introducing GameFront

A new app for gamers landed on the Android Market

GameFront syncs your PS3 and XBOX Games, so you can create a publication to sell them.

Get it here

You just need to create a new account and link you existing PS3 or XBOX account to see all your games in the  application’s main screen.

From there you can:

  • See the trophies/achievements of every game.
  • Access to Guides and YouTube videos.
  • Read and Review your games.
  • Look for other users that have your same games.
  • You also have access to the entire list of games from PS3 and XBOX where you can see Guides and YouTube videos, along with the access to trophies/achievements of each game
  • Read latest news from PSN Blogs (US, EU, Latam, BR) or Major Nelson Blogs
  • Search users and game publications
  • You can even follow games and users, so you will get notifications on new deals!!!
  • Message other users about their deals or just for fun!

Each publication has its own picture, description and the option to localize the sell on the map, so you can search for deals near you!!

Description of the App


  • Choose a personalized avatar,  background and foreground color of your messages.
  • You can enter your Name, Location, Date of Birth, Gender, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter and G+ user.
  • Write a small Bio so everybody else will know a little more about you.
  • Access all your publications (including those that you already finalized)
  • See what are you following (Games and Users)
  • See who are following you
  • Read/Reply all messages you got


  • This is the entire list of XBOX and PS3 Games
  • Filter games by Console
  • Search for Games
  • Access to Guides and YouTube videos
  • See the Achievements/Trophies
  • Read reviews from other users
  • Follow a game, so you will get notifications if some publish a new deal for it


  • Access latest news from PSN Blogs and Major Nelson (XBOX) Blogs
  • PS3 users, you can choose from US, EU, Latam and BR blogs
  • XBOX users, you can choose from 2 Major Nelson Blogs


  • Search other users
  • See their profile
  • Follow a user, so every time that user post a new deal, you will get a notification
  • See all the publications from one user
  • See all games from that user
  • Message the user


  • Search for publications (you can search for user or game title)
  • Access a map with all active publications
  • See details of every publication, including:
    •       Trade or Sale (if sale, then price)
    •       Description left by the user
    •       Picture taken by the user
  • Contact the seller, and sen him a message if you are interested in the game
  • See the location of the deal (if available)

First publication is FREE, if you want to publish more games you can

  • Buy the option to publish 1 game at $0.99
  • Buy the option to publish unlimited games for 30 days at $4.99
  • Buy the option to publish unlimited games, no time limit at $29.99 
Get it here

Here are some pictures of the app, the more users, the more deals you can find!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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PS3 Trophies PRO HD for Android Tablets

Hello everyone

I released the HD version of the PS3 Trophies PRO app (best Playstation application), exclusive for Tablets.

This first release includes

  • Profile
  • Games
  • Trophies
  • Friends
  • Friend Games
  • Friend Trophies
  • Wall Chat
  • PSN Blog (EU/US)
  • Game Reviews
  • YouTube Videos
You can get it searching for PS3 HD in the android market (tablet only) or visisting
Here are some screenshots of the app running on XOOM

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Some Statistics from Android Market

PS3 Trophies PRO app

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PS3 Trophies PRO v3.0 Released

PS3 Trophies PRO in depth

This app includes a lot of features that will keep you hooked all day

  • Your Profile, including avatar, level, progress, trophies, lastest played games and lastest trophies earned.
  • All your games with your trophies earned
  • Main screen will show you how many friends are online.
  • Full Game List (including foreing games). Most games have guides (from and more are added every day.
  • Friend list with full information, just like XMB of your PS3
  • Friend Profile, including avatar, level, progress, trophies, lastest played games and lastest trophies earned. All games and trophies earned
  • Events. Configure Game Events to play with friend or any other user.
  • Rankings. Based on every user of the app and friends. There are more than 300.000 users!!!
  • Wall. Post & Read short messages, send & receive private messages (this is only with users of the app, there is no way to send messages to online users (PS3) )
  • GiveAway. I will post PSN Codes so you can redeem it to win games, add-on or avatars. Codes are valid for ONE time use.
  • 3 Friends Widget (2×4, 2×2 and 1×1). 1×1 widget shows your avatar and how many friends are online. 2×2 and 2×4 shows a list of friends online.
  • Trophy Card Widget. (2×2 and 4×4). Both widgets shows your lastest games and trophies, profile info. There are a lot of backgrounds and more are coming!!

 After installing the app, open it and TAP the Menu from your Phone, go to Settings.

Enter your User ID (this is your PSN username, not your email), then make sure “Use Login Information” is checked and enter your email & password (this is mandatory if you want to see your friend list)

Credentials are stored on a private are of your phone, only accessible by this app, and are only transmited to SONY using HTTPS (secure socket).I will not  in any way get your email or password.

Configure how many games do you want to see in the main screen (3, 5, 7, 9).
Date Format: Choose the format you want the dates to appear.
Use Friend Color:  check this to show your friend with the color the choosed in their PS3.
Show all Games: uncheck this to hide games with no trophies earned.
Show Hidden Trophies: check this to see picture, title and description of hidden trophies instead of  ‘???’.
Update every 24hs.: this will update all your games and trophies every day, so you can navigate your games & trophies offline. Also it shows the last time the process run.
Clear Cache: will erase all info about every user, game or trophy downloaded, including Trophy Guides, Wall, Feedback.
Clear Wall: will erase all messages from the wall (including private). Messages will be downloaded next time you access Wall.
Clear Credentials: will erase ticket information needed to download friend list. Use this option if you have problems seeing friends. This will not erase email/password, just the ticket provided by SONY the last time the app logged you in.
Twitter: Authorize the app to post the number of trophies earned. The app will connect every day to check for new trophies and will post a tweet using your account. The app uses OAuth so the credentials are never stored on the phone.
Friends Widget: This will allow you to configure the Friend Widget. Do not configure it right now, we will talk about this later.

Main Screen: 

  • Profile Information
  • Access to Friends, Games, Wall, Games Guides
  • Lastest Games & Trophies
  • You can search users, just TAP Search button of your phone

Games Screen:

  • Game Progress information
  • Access to trophies
  • You can sort the list by date played, title or progress

Trophies Screen:

  • Trophies earned information
  • You can sort the list by date earned, title or XMB

Games Guides Screen:

  • Full list of Games
  • Acces to Guides (green title) or Trophies (white)
  • You can search games, just TAP Search button of your phone

Friends Screen:

  • Friend status information
  • Access to friend’s profile
  • You can search friend,  just TAP Search button of your phone
  • You can sort the list by status, alphabetical or level

User Profile Screen:

  • Profile Information
  • Access to Games
  • You can search users, just TAP Search button of your phone

Wall Screen:

  • Post, Reply & Read messages.
  • See users profile
  • Access to Private Messages

Feedback Screen:

  • Send some feedback
  • I will post important news here

Ranking Screen:

  • Full ranking of all users on the DB (near 300.000)
  • See your total ranking or friend ranking
  • Search for users or position

Events Screen:

  • Create Events to Play with other users
  • Register to events posted by others
  • See users profile

Trophy Card Widget:

  • Coming Soon

Friends Widgets:

  • Coming Soon

Search Users:

  • Coming Soon

I will post images and complete this post soon

Enjoy the APP

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PS3 Trophies PRO for Android v3.0 coming soon

Version 3.0 of the BEST PS3 app for Android is coming soon.
Here are some screens

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Back Online

PS3 Trophies & PSN Friends is back online

I had hosting problems all week, so I tooked PS3 Offline.

I spent all my free time trying so solve this issue. So I migrated practically all server code (C#) to the phone (JAVA), so the app does not depend on the server to work properlly.

Now it connects directly to Sony’s Servers (EU site). US users CAN use this app with their accounts. It’s not mandatory to login on EU site for this app to work (If you still have problems, please report it here).

Sometimes EU site is under maintenaince (more than US site), so, if you got error like “Can´t connect”, or “Can´t get games/friends”, please be sure to check before posting.

It was hard for me to read all the bad comments on the android market. Please people, I don’t have all the time I want to develop for android, and I’m not making any money (I’m loosing money because the hosting service)

I want to thanks to all the people that sent me email asking to beta test, and helping me back this app online.

So, from now on, please post here if you have any problem. Don’t fill the market with bad ratings.


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US accounts

PS3 Trophies should work fine with US accounts. No need to login at anymore

(please this is a beta feature, test it and give feedback)


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Downtime & Trophies

Hi!, this morning PS3 Trophies, PS3 Widget and  where having problems showing information.

This was beacuse Sony did a maintenance to his site, changing the way that information is shown.

Right now, both app and the site are working fine, but there is one problem.

Sony is not showing anymore the trophies earned in the public profile (you can checkit here , change ‘benexus’ with your user name)
If you click on any game you can’t see the trophies. You have to be logged in to see your trophies.

What this mean?

PS3 Widget: Can no longer updates trophies (description)  earned,  just profile, trophies count and games.
PS3 Trophies: If you don’t use the “login in PSN” functionallity, you have the same problem that PS3 Widget. I recommend you that you use this settings to enjoy the all APP
PS3 Argentina Site: same as PS3 Trophies.

I’m doing my best to find a way to get the description of trophies again.


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I’m back. Announcing PS3 Widget

Well, tough week

I started to develop a widget for Android that show profile information, games and trophies. This widget will launch ps3trophies from within and like that app, is free too.

I will be launching a PS3 Widget Pro version ($ 0.99) where you’ll have the posibility of upload a XML file defining you own template, and you’ll be allowed to use your custom backgrounds.  This version will launch PS3 Trophies too.

Right now all the information is pulled from EU site. I’m trying to find a way to get this info from US site.  I still find the EU site more complete (like I said before, games like GOW, RB Beatles, some trophies, etc)

Please, feel free to post if you have any advice, issue, or comment about this applications.


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